Need Help Getting Online?

Starting a business, practice or project but don’t where to start getting online?

Living Edge Creative can help you!! We can offer you a bespoke service working with you from the ground up to create a website and online presence, that serve your business now and in the future.

Need Help Updating & Maintaining Your Website?

Living Edge Creative can take the worry and stress of updating and maintaining your website. Save money and time with us.

Get your website to help grow your business, practice or project rather than being a drag, with our bespoke coding, plugin & updating service we will work with your make your website fit for purpose.

Some of our past clients

Please click the images below the visit any of our past clients websites and see what we created for them

About Us

Hi I’m Daniel, the founder of Living Edge Creative. Living Edge Creative was created to provide business, private practices & projects with a bespoke one on one service to our clients.

We have been working with websites for over the past 25 years from the early days of HTML to wonders of todays systems with AI.

Our heart is to create an online presence that helps grow & serve your business rather than it be a drag and stress.

– Bespoke One on One Service –

We do this through our one on one service done remotely via video call and done at a day & time that fits with you. Nothing is done or charged unless you give us the go ahead, so you have full control and we will explain every step.

– Staged Appoarch –

If you don’t want to do it all at once and because our service is bespoke to you we can offer a staged process to the creation of your website to help spread cost but also allow to understand each step, so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Audio & Video Production

We also provide a service to produce and edit your audio with a basic video editing service too. Be this from your podcast, social media posts or promotional video.

Also if your band or recording project looking for website but need help with your song recording too then we can offer a full recording, editing mixing service in conjunction with Recording MCS Studio

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