Audio & Video Services

Audio & Video Editing

Living Edge Creative can offer you a bespoke service to edit your audio & video, be this a podcast, youtube, demo track, EP or Album.

Podcast Editing - Video & Audio

We can take your podcast video or audio and give it the professional touch. Improving your audio quality, add backing music, intro slides, images, logos or backgrounds. Helping taking your podcast to the next level. 

We can also produce seperate audio & video version so you can upload your audio version to Spotify & Apple podcast and video to Youtube.

Audio Editing & Mixing

We offer a bespoke service to record, edit and mix your audio. If your a band, solo artists or recording project we can help take your tracks to the next level.

We can work remotely by you sending us your stems via file sharing. We can there send you back a edited & mix track or you can come to our studio in the Michael Clarke Studio.

We can also provide guitar & bass parts for your tracks from our in house session musicians

All our editing, mixing and session work is done in partnership with Michael Clarke Studio.

Guitar & Bass Tuition by Michael Clarke

Michael Clarke has 40 years of experience teaching guitar & bass to people of all ages at his bespoke tuition studio in Connahs Quay, North Wales. To find out more please visit his site at 

Michael Clark Studio

and the first lesson is always FREE!!!!

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Inspiring Psychology Practices

Video & Audio Editing for Youtube, Spotify & Apple Podcasts. Click below to check out their Youtube Channel & Podcasts

Recording Show Reel

Collection of songs recorded & mixed by Living Edge Creative & Recording MCS at Michael Clarke Studio. Please click play to listen

Advert for Local Band

This is a video created to advertise a local band gig at a venue.

Band Live Video

This is a video created to showcase the band's set in a local venue they played for their youtube channel. We added logos, text & band info to the video



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